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by mistermoonshine
01 Jun 2018, 01:27
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Topic: OpenMW with Steam in game streaming?
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Re: OpenMW with Steam in game streaming?

Install OpenMW to morrowind's root directory and replace Morrowind's .exe with OpenMW's. Steam will run OpenMW and say you are in-game Morrowind.
by mistermoonshine
03 Apr 2018, 20:51
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Topic: Post 1.0 Planning Update
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Re: Post 1.0 Planning Update

Been lurking here since 2013 but I decided to make an account to chip in here; I think the only reason people don't use OpenMW is because it doesn't have graphics as nice as MGE XE. That's the only reason. Even if a mod came out that turned OpenMW combat into M&B combat, people would still prefer th...