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by drakovyrn
31 Mar 2017, 10:28
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Topic: Distant terrain
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Re: Distant terrain

Just curious, besides simplifying land meshes and object culling, what are some other methods for optimizing view distance? Will other methods be considered for inclusion?
by drakovyrn
06 Mar 2017, 09:43
Forum: General
Topic: OpenMW Mod Manager
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Re: OpenMW Mod Manager

Question, could this theoretically be built and used on Linux? I'm curious, as I would like to make a package request for Solus, but there would be no point if it only works on Windows.
by drakovyrn
26 Feb 2017, 21:44
Forum: General
Topic: Storage Behavior in OpenMW?
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Storage Behavior in OpenMW?

So, I need a place to safely store some misc. items, mostly unnecessary artifacts that I'll never need again, but want to keep because sentimentality. I've heard that some places in vanilla Morrowind aren't safe to store items, because they'll be truncated or spawned out at some point. Well, I'm not...