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by owatnext
05 Oct 2016, 14:53
Forum: Support
Topic: Alternate Menu Mode
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Alternate Menu Mode

Hello. I've an inquiry about the menu. (Not my image, just a reference.) Normally, one would use the mouse cursor to navigate about the menus, but that is not always feasible. I'm attempting to design an integrated project that would use buttons an...
by owatnext
22 Apr 2016, 01:23
Forum: Support
Topic: Installing OpenMW Dependency Problem
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Installing OpenMW Dependency Problem

Hello, I am trying to install the latest version of OpenMW on Linux Debian Jessie and I cannot seem to get even close to it. I've tried installing it via Github and cmake, but I run into dependency errors, and when I try to install it via the terminal and apt-get, I get slightly less dependency erro...