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by onionland
13 Apr 2015, 07:16
Forum: General
Topic: FAQ updates?
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Re: FAQ updates?

What technologies does OpenMW/OpenCS use? Perhaps we should change OGRE with OpenSceneGraph now? Or maybe some explanation of what is going on? There is no point really, though the switch to OSG is very exciting, it will most likely just be confusing for newcomers since there will be a good few mor...
by onionland
12 Mar 2015, 22:02
Forum: General Development
Topic: Documenting bugs
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Re: Documenting bugs

That is nice to know that the workarounds are now being tracked in a clear manner, workarounds are never fun, but the page itself was a fun read though. :D
by onionland
25 Feb 2015, 06:32
Forum: General Development
Topic: Ashes of Apocalypse
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Re: Ashes of Apocalypse

I'm sorry to be a bit of a bummer, but is it really wise to showcase AoA on mobile platforms as long as it contains any form of bethesda content? As far as I understand AoA still relies on assets such as skeletons and animation from Morrowind. Don't get me wrong, I, as much as anyone else, would lov...
by onionland
25 Feb 2015, 06:21
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.36.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.36.0

I was saying that as a joke, and just really saying that this project deserves full support and better then many full priced so called titles out there. still, 0.35 is really stable so far, (apart from one issue that been fixed) so a bit of a delay isn't too bad for this, as it this game has qualit...
by onionland
14 Feb 2015, 02:02
Forum: General Development
Topic: SWIG Scripting Extensions project
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Re: SWIG Scripting Extensions project

Since the project is eventually evolving to be more than just Morrowind, wouldn't it be in the engine's best interest to be "pluggable"? This, so much this! Although it certainly is something for post 1.0, developing some form of handle for things such as the SWIG project (projects?) to be usable a...
by onionland
08 Feb 2015, 08:27
Forum: General Development
Topic: Ogre 2.0 RC1 posted
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Re: Ogre 2.0 RC1 posted

Will probably start a port soon-ish. Already took care of the MyGUI port this week. I assume that you will be porting to 2.0, as it is both easier and in its current form more stable, how do you think 2.1 should be handled though? Is the dropping of legacy opengl a reason to be discouraged to move ...
by onionland
30 Jan 2015, 03:20
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Preferred C++ compiler on Linux? Not OpenMW specific
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Re: Preferred C++ compiler on Linux? Not OpenMW specific

To be honest, both gcc and clang are ok when compared to the crapness of the Visual Studio (especially if you are using templates). It's not THAT bad, you just got to make sure to have your virgins ready for sacrificing during midnight, the largest downfall is really the acquiring of virgins, altho...
by onionland
28 Jan 2015, 22:44
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Topic: Alpha blending problem
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Re: Alpha blending problem

Hmm. Still beats me why Bethesda is so butt hurt about it. But I'm going to shut up now, I'm kinda hijacking this thread. Sorry Bethesda really isn't butt-hurt about it, if they had been butt-hurt there would probably be no openmw team right now, or at least no android branch. Matt has instead been...
by onionland
28 Jan 2015, 22:21
Forum: Example-Suite
Topic: Free asset proof of concept
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Re: Free asset proof of concept

Out of curiosity, if we were to go the route of making a custom exporter for the sake of Openmw, how possible would it be to store animations as an external xml file or the likes, and load it together with ogre models?
by onionland
26 Jan 2015, 00:04
Forum: General Development
Topic: .ess Importer
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Re: .ess Importer

Ultimately the save converter was meant to be something of an extra feature, having it require the user to provide their esms does not seem that bad considering most people who have their old saves will also be likely to have their esms. I may be biased on the issue, since I do not have any saves to...