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by SquireNed
13 Mar 2014, 23:12
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Topic: Oblivion
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Re: Oblivion

I always found that my best experiences with Oblivion modding came from installing mods by hand. I've never had luck with installers and mod managers for Oblivion, though they've worked fine for FO3/NV/Skyrim for me.
by SquireNed
13 Mar 2014, 23:10
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Topic: Important, original bugs
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Re: Important, original bugs

Exactly. If you like the original exploits, you will likely be able to re-enable them as you desire, with all their implications and consequences, as a mod. However, if the only reason they're around is because Bethesda's coders didn't pay enough attention, it's probably better to have the working e...
by SquireNed
13 Mar 2014, 18:24
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Terrain Tunneling/Arching
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Re: Terrain Tunneling/Arching

The problem with adding voxel support is that it's extra functionality not in Morrowind. It might come post 1.0, but it's not something OpenMW is terribly concerned about unless it would impact the game, and the old "add a mesh and put it in" is probably simpler than going into voxel work just for t...
by SquireNed
12 Mar 2014, 01:42
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Topic: Compatibility with MGSO
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Re: Compatibility with MGSO

I believe the case is that OpenMW is more flexible and open than Morrowind. Because it's built with future mod compatibility in mind, I think that there's been a movement to keep less stuff restricted to the engine and more stuff possible without having to use an extender to work around vanilla Morr...
by SquireNed
01 Mar 2014, 19:40
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Topic: Oblivion
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Re: Oblivion

Get an unleveling mod. I love it that way.
by SquireNed
27 Feb 2014, 16:09
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Topic: OpenMW 0.29.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.29.0

Bleh, sorry. I'm trying to get clarification on the contract I signed when I was hired at my current company, with respect to code I write in my spare time unrelated to my job. There shouldn't be any conflict of interest, but I'd rather play it safe and not "contaminate" the codebase with anything ...
by SquireNed
20 Feb 2014, 03:59
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Topic: Help crowdfund Nothing To Hide (CC0 license)
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Re: Help crowdfund Nothing To Hide (CC0 license)

If only I had money.

Interestingly, a quick whois seems to suggest that Nothing to HIde is made in Panama, which may actually have copyright laws that unlike the US allow things to be released "uncopyrighted". As is I find the nomenclature a little off-putting.
by SquireNed
12 Feb 2014, 05:00
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Topic: ciEquals and other unoptimized stuff
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Re: ciEquals and other unoptimized stuff

Also, consider the value of optimization in such a thing on a computer that runs figurative gazillions of calculations a second. As my first post on StackOverflow garnered: What you are being concerned about here is “micro optimization”, that in 99.999…99 percent of all real uses cases will not make...
by SquireNed
11 Feb 2014, 14:20
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Topic: Help with getting files off the GOTY disk on OSX 10.8.5
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Re: Help with getting files off the GOTY disk on OSX 10.8.5

Not necessarily. You would have to do it yourself, and take a couple extra precautions that you're not making a freebie copy in the process. Just be sure to delete it when you're done moving stuff over (and empty the recycling bin/trash), and you shouldn't be liable for any damages. As a general rul...
by SquireNed
11 Feb 2014, 01:34
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Topic: QT C++ what?
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Re: QT C++ what?

Or we could just ignore Apple's sub-par video player entry.