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by fraang
20 Aug 2014, 15:03
Forum: General
Topic: Collab program testing
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Re: Collab program testing

If I understand you correctly you are looking for an opensource DAM ( system. Here is what I have found: Islandora: Razuna: ResourceSpace: Hope that...
by fraang
01 Aug 2014, 12:55
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: New Features for Races
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Re: New Features for Races

Ability to hide a Race from the PC's character creation system: Allows mod-makers to add new races for their mod/TC AND to restrict those races from the player for story-telling or technical purposes (such as creating a very limited number of compatible armors/weapons). Isn't the "Playable" field i...
by fraang
03 Sep 2013, 18:08
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.26.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.26.0

I have tried out the generic linux 64 bit package of RC1 on Linux Mint and got this while extracting the data files of Tribunal from a GOTY-DVD (UK English localization): [unshield_reader_read:508] unshield_reader_read start: bytes_left = 0x2, volume_bytes_left = 0x1598 [unshield_reader_read:520] Tr...
by fraang
23 May 2013, 11:44
Forum: Editor Development
Topic: ESX selector and stuff
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Re: ESX selector and stuff

4c. Saving in the editor We have a problem when we load legacy format files for editing. The editor can not write these formats. Therefore on save a name change occurs, e.g. SomeRandomPlugin.esp -> SomeRandomPlugin.omwaddon. We need to communicate that to the user (and make sure we don't overwrite ...
by fraang
05 May 2013, 09:59
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: tune down music volume while in dialog
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Re: tune down music volume while in dialog

I support that feature too. But it should be optional.

Turning down the music reduces tha distraction from the dialog. :)
by fraang
26 Apr 2013, 15:20
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Zooming with mouse wheel in 3rd person view
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Zooming with mouse wheel in 3rd person view


I have a little improvement to suggest. It would be nice to be able to zoom with the mouse wheel in 3rd person view. If I remember correctly this was the case in vanilla morrowind. :)

Any thoughts?

EDIT: In the "look around your character" view this is already possible.