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by silentthief
29 Mar 2020, 20:31
Forum: Support
Topic: 1.6 Patch on Mac
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Re: 1.6 Patch on Mac

Hi, I'm trying to get OpenMW patched with the official 1.6 patch on a Mac. I was able to get the steam version of the game installed and running, everything is very smooth and I'm super excited to play Morrowind again! So a big thank you to everyone who put in work on this project. I had about a bi...
by silentthief
29 Mar 2020, 15:16
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Where are all the floor traps?
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Re: Where are all the floor traps?

... the sort of traps where you walk over an unmarked 'pressure plate' type area on the floor and something bad happens, like a spell goes off in your face; a poisoned arrow shoots out of a slit in the wall; a trapdoor opens under your feet and you fall into a slaughterfish-infested pool, etc. Ther...
by silentthief
29 Feb 2020, 02:56
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Mods That Respect Morrowind
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Re: Mods That Respect Morrowind

I seem to remember a similar thread about something like this a while back. Something like the "morrowind definitive mod list" post here . There are lore-friendly mods and non-lore friendly mods, and I don't know if even the vanilla mod community has a full list of what mods are on which side. While...
by silentthief
26 Feb 2020, 20:38
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

EXCELLENT - I've always wanted to bust a cap in fargoth :D :D :D

ps, in all seriousness, it is good that this is progressing.
by silentthief
26 Feb 2020, 20:37
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Procedural generation based on land terrain texture grid
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Re: Procedural generation based on land terrain texture grid

Can this feature generates grass based on the terrain type? Like instantaneous grass for Morrowind vanilla and mods? Yes, that's exactly what it's for. I mostly use it to generate forests, grass, random rocks etc. It probably takes a while to tune the settings to get best results though. Excited by...
by silentthief
21 Feb 2020, 00:34
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: [Idea/Feature] Advanced map markers/annotations
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Re: [Idea/Feature] Advanced map markers/annotations

When I play Morrowind I use map annotations to remember where things are, what I already have explored and so on. So it would be super awesome: - If annotations could be attached directly to ?landmarks? - Support for color coding or even multiple Icons would make things a lot easier (as there would...
by silentthief
20 Feb 2020, 01:01
Forum: Support
Topic: journal fix?
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Re: journal fix?

I *think* the reason that there has not yet been a reply on this is that this could possibly be caused by mods. So, to help try to start the discussion could you give us the list of mods you have?

by silentthief
16 Feb 2020, 16:20
Forum: Join the team
Topic: Application: 1Zero
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Re: Application: 1Zero

Welcome to the forums.

by silentthief
08 Feb 2020, 13:39
Forum: Support
Topic: Issue with blessings from shrines. Possible mod issue?
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Re: Issue with blessings from shrines. Possible mod issue?

Is this how it was in OG morrowind too or is this an openmw thing? If it's always been like this I guess I never chose Atronach before or I was never paying that much attention. Yes, the way the vanilla/original Morrowind worked was to do this. Specifically, any incoming spell as a chance to be abs...
by silentthief
01 Feb 2020, 14:24
Forum: Editor Development
Topic: 3D editing
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Re: 3D editing

Some other keyboard shortcuts could be useful too, like "drop object to ground" and "drop object to first colliding object below", and should be easy to develop. Any other suggestions for object editing shortcuts? There is precedent for this. The vanilla CS has the "F" hotkey to drop items to the g...