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by Chris
24 Jan 2018, 04:25
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Logic and (&&) is unsupported?
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Re: Logic and (&&) is unsupported?

Once you allow arbitrary code, you're allowing arbitrary code. Which is a good reason to not allow arbitrary code execution. If a user wants to download malicious software, I would be surprised if OpenMW was the one thing standing between them succeeding to ruin their computer and failing to ruin t...
by Chris
24 Jan 2018, 04:13
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Thoughts on game mechanics in Morrowind
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Re: Thoughts on game mechanics in Morrowind

I like certain types of consumables, but not for immediate instant use. They should basically be resources that aid you in surviving long durations between being in towns and cities. So rather than carrying around dozens of potions that you spam as-needed during combat, you essentially go through co...
by Chris
23 Jan 2018, 23:22
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: My Dumb Post 1.0 Requests
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Re: My Dumb Post 1.0 Requests

The way Skyrim handles it, it has manually-defined playlists (so instead of "Explore" being everything in the "Explore" directory, it's defined in the esm/p and has a list of individual songs), and a list of conditions for when each playlist should play (not too unlike Oblivion's AI package handling...
by Chris
13 Jan 2018, 15:51
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Per-slot armor rating
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Re: Per-slot armor rating

UPDATE: the Npc::onHit() has the hitPosition parameter. Can we determine which armor part to select, using this parameter? Probably not. That's the position where the hit box intersects the NPC's capsule collision shape, and there's no easy way to map that to the limb. You'd need to give a basic co...
by Chris
12 Jan 2018, 18:31
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Problem installing animations.
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Re: Problem installing animations.

I just followed the instructions for the mod: Merge the Meshes folder into the Data/Meshes folder. I did that, but animations stayed the same. I probably should have mentioned that I'm running Manjaro+Cinnamon, sorry. "Merging" directories and overwriting files like this on Linux is a problem, espe...
by Chris
11 Jan 2018, 05:55
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Distant lands and frozen cliffracers
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Re: Distant lands and frozen cliffracers

'Magic' may be an overstatement, as all this does in a nutshell is no longer updating off-screen animations. How does this affect moving actors (since they move via animations), or 'dynamic' animations like head-tracking? It actually kind of bugs me when I see in some engines that an NPC coming int...
by Chris
10 Jan 2018, 01:47
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Rain reflections
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Re: Rain reflections

This seems to be something PBR excels at, by utilizing Snell's law and embedding Fresnel equations with appropriate variables. That allows modifying the reflectance of any surface at run-time, for example as a result of becoming wet, while maintaining realistic light behavior.
by Chris
09 Jan 2018, 12:37
Forum: Development
Topic: [patch] new fog shader
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Re: [patch] new fog shader

I'd much rather see fog applied in a separate post-processing shader with the EffectCompositor. Although, the post-processing method won't work well for alpha-blended objects, so you'd probably want to apply the fauna optimization mod first. Given things like water, particle effects, screen overlay...
by Chris
08 Jan 2018, 00:32
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul and Atmospheric Sound Effects
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Re: Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul and Atmospheric Sound Effects

Thanks for the reply, Chris. Is there a possibility that increasing the exterior cell load distance will corrupt my savegame? I don't think it'll corrupt the savegame, per-se, but it can possibly have undesirable effects on the game as a result of AI being processed in farther away cells than is ex...
by Chris
07 Jan 2018, 01:30
Forum: Content Development Section
Topic: Texture upscaling mod question
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Re: Texture upscaling mod question

In theory, a perfect brick-wall lowpass filter (jinc in 2D, sinc in 1D) results in a "perfect" resample that loses no information from the input. In practice this leads to ringing artifacts as a result of the sample points (pixels) hitting the peaks and troughs of the band-limited analog signal (aka...