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by StraToN
25 Apr 2016, 17:01
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Topic: Any think and unreal
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Re: Any think and unreal

I download Cmake, open scene grapth source, ndk r10e. Run cmake, select to osg source root, select out, click config, select migw makefile, tool for cross compile, path to tool from link sandstrider ob github, okey = error. Try to compile directly by ndk. Copy from platfor specific to ro...
by StraToN
22 Jul 2015, 14:33
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Topic: Is it possible to commercially release a game on OpenMW?
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Re: Is it possible to commercially release a game on OpenMW?

This is not easy stuff. Here's an attempt to make it easier : - Commercial : you can sell a software that makes use of OpenMW. So do your clients (because sublicensing is forbidden). - Modify : of course, you can modify OpenMW t...
by StraToN
18 Nov 2013, 16:56
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Topic: News in French
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Re: News in French


Actually, I didn't remark the FR feed wasn't updated. I simply supposed it was coming later. I firstly read English news, then French, and it is not constant from me :)
by StraToN
12 Nov 2012, 10:00
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Topic: Music for OpenMW
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Re: Music for OpenMW

Nice songs you've got ;) I listened to them all, the orchestral compositions are very interesting. "From Within" would have come great in a Deus Ex-like game with some modifications but i recognized Martin Luther King's famous speech. "Retrogression" reminded me of Startopia, a space colony manageme...
by StraToN
04 Oct 2012, 14:48
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Topic: Fun stuff
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Re: Fun stuff


Yup this one is trickier. It relies on a specific property of the square root which is as follows :

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sqrt(a * b) = sqrt(a) * sqrt(b) if and only if a>0 and b>0
Thus, we cannot write this :

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sqrt(-1 * -1) != sqrt(-1) * sqrt(-1)
by StraToN
01 Oct 2012, 15:58
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Topic: Fun stuff
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Re: Fun stuff

Error at the last line! :)
According to 1st line, we have :

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a = b
so (a - b) = 0
So, at the last line we had :

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2 (a - b) = a - b
Thus, we cannot divide the left side by (a - b) because (a - b) = 0.

Phew! God is safe - maybe ?
by StraToN
04 Sep 2012, 14:01
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Topic: Extended ES[P|M] format with dependency handling
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Re: Extended ES[P|M] format with dependency handling

Nice idea, but a lot of mods made a long time ago for Morrowind vanilla will eventually have to be remade for different languages. For example, currently, French people who own a french version of the game tend to use mods adapted to french from Wiwiland website. This way they avoid conflicts as muc...
by StraToN
10 Jul 2012, 14:07
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Topic: Different languages on website
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Re: Different languages on website

I did translate the news about OMW 0.16 to French recently, and I sent it to ap0, but he effectively didn't answer, so he must be away.

If you already have the access for sending news to the french section, here is my translation :
by StraToN
25 Jun 2012, 12:57
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Topic: Spam registration wave
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Re: Spam registration wave

A very common technique is to answer a very easy arithmetic problem, such as an addition, subtraction or product. Very easy, like "5+7= ?" or "6x7 = ?" It is possible to add new equations easily in the administration. I didn't see new spam waves after using this technique on another forum which I am...
by StraToN
30 May 2012, 14:30
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Topic: How to start a normal game?
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Re: How to start a normal game?

The standard Bethesda version which runs perfectly well with Wine. I suggest Wine 1.5.2. The only very little annoying thing is a little framerate drop when the music ambient changes (ie from exploration to combat, or the inverse). But, everything works perfect, including mods. Plus, it is very use...