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by Settyness
14 Nov 2018, 23:11
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Transferring items with a single click
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Re: Transferring items with a single click

I want this so hard. The pseudo drag-and-drop interface from this game is not very efficient and is more or less and artifact of PC gaming when it was not as competitive and relatively barren. That's not to say the improvements that OpenMW has provided aren't appreciated, indeed OP's suggestions tak...
by Settyness
14 Nov 2018, 22:54
Forum: Support
Topic: [SOLVED] Truly Dark Nights
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[SOLVED] Truly Dark Nights

I tried searching for this, but "dark" really throws a wrench into the results. I didn't want to report any bugs, seeing as how lighting is handled quite differently than vanilla, and I'm fairly certain that's the crux of the issue. If this has been talked about before, my apologies. I used to modif...