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by IvarTron
13 Apr 2019, 19:57
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Topic: Android part 2
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Re: Android part 2

Ok so I restarted everything as I didn't have the character I wanted. I have finally went to the cave in the first town and when I enter the person yells and runs to me. I cannot hit this person at all with the dagger... Tell me it is me and not the game... I say that because I was killed by a crab...
by IvarTron
01 Feb 2018, 10:38
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Topic: [WIP] Android port testing
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Tested it using a Huawei p9 with Android 7. Works fine with some random crashes when loading the menu. Decent fps indoors, but a bit slow outdoors. Would love to test more extensively, but i'm having a really hard time with the controllers. Do you have any plans in the future for adding external con...