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by erretel
16 May 2018, 01:48
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Topic: NPC Jumping - How would someone do that?
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Re: NPC Jumping - How would someone do that?

Some NPCs should never drop: NPCs (archers mainly) are meant to be trapped on top of ledges and shouldn't be able to drop. How does the game identify them? This one has a crude and easy solution. Enemies wielding ranged weapons or reading spells shouldn't be allowed to jump. This solution would als...
by erretel
29 Jan 2018, 23:45
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Topic: Scripting problem: RemoveItem
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Scripting problem: RemoveItem

I'm not sure if this go here or in the general discussion, since I'm not sure the problem is with OpenMW, Morrowind itself or just my lousy scripting. Anyway, I'm trying to make an alternate Levelling Up mod, and it's working surprisingly well despite how surprisingly limited morrowind's scripting i...