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by CoolthulhuMan
10 Dec 2018, 07:43
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Topic: A kind of crazy idea
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Re: A kind of crazy idea

I thought about a similar idea a while ago, and though it's certainly possible, my (not very qualified) guess is that in order to get any decent results you'd have to do most of the work by hand. 10x scale is ridiculous, but even 2x would make the game massive (4x the area vs 100x). OpenMW-CS is cur...
by CoolthulhuMan
26 Feb 2018, 03:44
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Topic: Vision talk
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Re: Vision talk

I was thinking if you're going for a more realistic approach, you could have the Eldritch designs more cartoonish for contrast, like Infinity Blade-style weapons or architecture reminiscent of Michael Kirkbride's original daedric ruin concept art.