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by wasternne
22 Feb 2019, 06:52
Forum: News
Topic: Followers of shadows, the day has come!
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Re: Followers of shadows, the day has come!

Thank you very much, dear developers! The time has come to play the game once more! For me, shadows are perfectly working (with the latest nightly build after editing settings-default.cfg , even if it's wrong to edit it directly - see above). In my case, settings.cfg can be found in C:\Users\ <put y...
by wasternne
07 Nov 2017, 10:24
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Stereoscopic 3D
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Re: Stereoscopic 3D

Hello! And sorry for necroposting. And thank you all for the great project! I wanted to ask for a stereoscopic mode, too. I play Steam Morrowind in Cardboard with TriDef 3D. The problem is, OpenMW now uses OpenGL and TriDef 3D works with DirectX only :( There is another solution, Reshade, but stereo...