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by JohnMaster
12 Aug 2018, 12:24
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: Improving the FAQ
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Re: Improving the FAQ

The other one is DestinedToDie, working on the Example Suite.
by JohnMaster
18 May 2018, 09:03
Forum: Content Development
Topic: Useful Measurement Values
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Re: Useful Measurement Values

The pull request discussion linked below reminded me of this thread. I very roughly created a page on the wiki but I'm not sure if or where it should be.

Display weapon reach on tooltips in feet by akortunov · Pull Request #1707 · OpenMW/openmw · GitHub

Measurement Units - OpenMW Wiki
by JohnMaster
16 May 2018, 13:36
Forum: Join the team
Topic: Artist wants to help the project.
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Re: Artist wants to help the project.

As lysol stated potentially the Example Suite, check out the developer checklist. Otherwise, a OpenMW mod, e.g. the exclusive OpenMW mods.
by JohnMaster
14 May 2018, 10:59
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Selection of mod compatibility statuses
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Re: Selection of mod compatibility statuses

ladyonthemoon wrote:
14 May 2018, 07:58
I just noticed that something was missing: toggle sneak.
On the MCP Wiki page, search for 'toggle sneak', the page details features implemented.
by JohnMaster
01 Mar 2018, 08:15
Forum: General
Topic: Funding development through freelance sites like upwork?
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Re: Funding development through freelance sites like upwork?

I would suggest Bountysource for Bugtracker items but it still needs Redmine support. Add support if you can below. ... or-redmine

OpenMW Example Suite
DestinedToDie's Patreon

Koncord's Patreon
David Cernat's Patreon
by JohnMaster
07 Nov 2017, 02:42
Forum: General Development
Topic: Pickpocketing mechanics in OpenMW
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Re: Pickpocketing mechanics in OpenMW

It is probably beneficial to copy Zini's comments from the OpenMW 0.43.0 thread. Starts here: Wow, there was something going on that completely escaping my attention. I am also not particularly qualified to make a decision on this issue, because ...
by JohnMaster
02 Nov 2017, 20:44
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.43.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.43.0

Will .43 be available in the staging ppa? The daily is still broken. Basically, we're waiting on a new release to fix the issue. ;) Then we can drop the patch downstream that was breaking things and the PPA will fix itself when we make a new rel...