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by robertkeaghan
11 Apr 2020, 01:08
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Topic: A new Let's Play made in OpenMW!
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A new Let's Play made in OpenMW!

Hey folks!

I've started a new Let's Play Morrowind series using OpenMW. I talk a lot about OpenMW and feature plenty of mods.

I would welcome any commentary either here or on my new YouTube channel. So check it out if you like!
by robertkeaghan
23 Oct 2017, 15:40
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Topic: Balanced fast travel
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Balanced fast travel

Hi guys. I'm interested in making a mod for more balanced fast travel. I like vanilla Morrowind fast travel in a lot of ways, but I find the forms of teleportation too cheap and accessible. Why does it cost more to take the Silt Strider than the guild guides? Why are the Intervention spells so easy ...
by robertkeaghan
02 Aug 2017, 11:37
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Topic: More in depth install directions
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Re: More in depth install directions

Hey guys. I referred to this page: (look under the manual heading) and believe I have found a solution for my Mac Steam OpenMW install. In my case, Steam wouldn't start the download until I inserted "installdir" "APPNAME" into the appmanifest_APPI...