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by Kageseigi
31 Jan 2018, 20:02
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: DnD Style Spell Behavior
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DnD Style Spell Behavior

I know OpenMW is a new engine that allows for a lot more possibilities than the original Morrowind engine allowed, though I don't know of the limits. With TES3MP's multiplayer capability, I could see Morrowind becoming much more DnD-like. So while I find the thought of a D20 system fascinating, I'm ...
by Kageseigi
18 Jan 2018, 06:47
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Per-slot armor rating
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Re: Per-slot armor rating

Wow, locational damage is one of my big wishes for Morrowind. While it may not help the player yet, is there a way to favor the odds of hitting a specific body part based on the attacker's attributes (such as Luck or Intelligence... or maybe Agility) to simulate their ability to notice if and where ...
by Kageseigi
06 Jun 2017, 16:16
Forum: Support
Topic: Crash On Start (Windows 8 Laptop)
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Crash On Start (Windows 8 Laptop)

Hallo! First of all, I want to thank all of the people who have made OpenMW possible! You guys are my heroes! :-D I've got OpenMW working well on my desktop, but I'm traveling, so I've tried to get it working on my laptop now. I'm using the GoG version of Morrowind, and it plays through the original...