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by Thunderforge
14 Nov 2018, 00:06
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: Improving the FAQ
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Re: Improving the FAQ

The question is good, but right now it's longer than anything else on the FAQ page (aside from the "Legal and License Stuff"). How about this shorter version of what you wrote? Is OpenMW a Mod? No, OpenMW is an entirely new engine, which extends beyond the scope of a typical game modification. A gam...
by Thunderforge
01 Nov 2018, 22:08
Forum: Other Forks and Ports
Topic: Is an android port lf tes3mp possible?
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Re: Is an android port lf tes3mp possible?

Even if it did use .NET, .NET is now supported on non-Microsoft systems, so it wouldn't be a problem. To clarify for anybody who is unaware, .NET Framework is Windows-only. In contrast, .NET Core , which is the cross-platform successor that is something like 90% compatible with .NET Framework, is a...
by Thunderforge
28 Oct 2018, 23:52
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: An alternative UI for the OpenMW launcher and installation wizard
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Re: An alternative UI for the OpenMW launcher and installation wizard

terabyte25 wrote:
19 Oct 2018, 00:46
Don't know where this went, but perhaps I could expand on this?
Go for it! I've been unable to do this myself (and got sidetracked by other things like the Advanced settings), but I think that making first-time setup better would be a big improvement for OpenMW.
by Thunderforge
02 Oct 2018, 02:13
Forum: General Development
Topic: Weapon sheathing
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Re: Weapon sheathing

Can we make weapon sheathing an optional feature from the Advanced panel and merge it into master?
by Thunderforge
02 Oct 2018, 02:08
Forum: General Development
Topic: The new MWSE-Lua interface
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Re: The new MWSE-Lua interface

Edit 2: Just so we are clear: The last part of the post I linked is outdated. We have pretty much settled on Lua at this point. To be clear: Lua is definitely settled on by this point . So for anybody reading this, please don't suggest JavaScript, AngelScript, Python, or any other language. We've d...
by Thunderforge
25 Sep 2018, 22:50
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.45.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.45.0

I can't (or couldn't when I tried a few months ago, even with Scrawl's help) reliably get shadow map rendering to do anything differently to regular rendering, which means I can't do anything to stop actors with an invisibility effect showing up in the shadow map. This might well also be because OS...
by Thunderforge
22 Sep 2018, 20:45
Forum: Support
Topic: Do we need a Vanilla Morrowind Install?
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Re: Do we need a Vanilla Morrowind Install?

TheGrimblade wrote:
22 Sep 2018, 18:13
For your information:
This is a list of OpenMW compatible mods.
This is the list of mods that have been tested. There’s a good chance that many other mods work too
by Thunderforge
20 Sep 2018, 14:19
Forum: General
Topic: Forum reorganization
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Re: Forum reorganization

The Example Suite section has several sub-sub-forums. Is that necessary? It seems that most of them are old or unused. Mod and Game Development Example Suite News (9 topics, last one 07 Sept 2017) General Discussion (45 topics, last one 18 Sept 2018) Showcase (1 topic, last one 02 Mar 2016) Concept ...
by Thunderforge
18 Sep 2018, 17:18
Forum: Support
Topic: Can't install on macOS
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Re: Can't install on macOS

I believe that dialog asks you to select the location of the Morrowind installation media, but since OS X doesn't do dialog titles it isn't all that clear what you're supposed to do. Normal operating systems would have "Select Morrowind installation media" in the title. It's on my list of things to...
by Thunderforge
18 Sep 2018, 16:59
Forum: Other Forks and Ports
Topic: [WIP] Android port testing
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Good news! We now have a new place to talk about Android ports!

Head over to our new Other Forks and Ports subforum and ask your questions about the Android port, or any other ports, over there!