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by Darklight
05 Mar 2017, 22:45
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Topic: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

Scrawl and Zini have both said NO!!! to this multiple times. I've looked at the feasibility of expanding our NIF importer to use later versions of texture files, so moders would have more readily available content, but was shot down immediately. I don't know reason for "no" but use of later version...
by Darklight
03 Mar 2017, 05:27
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Topic: New here
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New here

So i have a few questions about open morrowind 1. Since morrowind first came out and with so many patches to either help improve the game and many fixs it always bug the hell out of me that no one has ever fixed the piece of dialogue that involves with the topic of morrowind law. On the pc and the x...