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by Argoon
10 Jul 2018, 14:14
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: Post 1.0 Plans
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Re: Post 1.0 Plans

IMO you guys should forget LUA scripting for the newscript (if you guys didn't already) and use AngelScript instead, imo is a very good scripting language (btw used by Frictional Games on their games), also imo not much harder then LUA, with the added benefit that its syntax is very similar to C/C++...
by Argoon
09 Feb 2017, 16:52
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

An update - Now the visible meshes move and a light source was added but there are many issues still. The lamp doesn't collide with the ceiling and I'm not sure how to add a flame to the lamp. The impulse from the collision with the player is way too large. Just a small...