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by ShadowRadiance
27 Nov 2016, 17:55
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Topic: A problem with Tel Uvirith?
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Re: A problem with Tel Uvirith?

The error seems to be caused by Tel_Uvirith.esp containing a script name that is too long. Specifically: jo_tu_SadrithMoraHermitage_Script The script doesn't appear to be called anywhere or actually attached to any object (despite what it states in its comment text). Changing the script name to jo_t...
by ShadowRadiance
25 Nov 2016, 05:25
Forum: News
Topic: OpenMW 0.40.0 Released!
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Re: OpenMW 0.40.0 Released!

The change to Slowfall to stop forward momentum really kills Constant Effect Slowfall items for protection, since it means any jump gets reduced to minimal forward movement. Is there a way to have the forward momentum reduced relative to the number of points in the SF affect?