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by davidcernat
25 Aug 2017, 04:53
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Topic: server message
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Re: server message

Open up your myMod.lua and find these lines:

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        Players[pid]:Message("You have successfully registered.\nUse Y by default to chat or change it from your client config.\n")
Adjust the 2nd line so it contains the information you want.
by davidcernat
07 Aug 2017, 22:46
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Topic: Alchemy Work Around
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Re: Alchemy Work Around

The correct workaround... is waiting for the next version, which will fix the problem.
by davidcernat
30 Jul 2017, 21:32
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Topic: TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant
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Re: TES3MP gets covered on Gamerant

For what it's worth, I prefer inaccurate coverage to no coverage at all.
by davidcernat
30 Jul 2017, 21:28
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Controller support and settings
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Re: Controller support and settings

Rather amusingly, I told them to ask OpenMW instead...
by davidcernat
30 Jul 2017, 09:53
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Topic: Can we mention TES3MP in the FAQ?
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Can we mention TES3MP in the FAQ?

I'm obviously a little biased, but I think it's fair to say that TES3MP is a decent attempt at OpenMW multiplayer that will only get better as time goes by. As such, could you perhaps update this part of the FAQ ? The answer there can be as nuanced as you like. It just feels like the current one isn...
by davidcernat
29 Jul 2017, 23:57
Forum: Development
Topic: Game option to add collision for stuff like pillows?
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Re: Game option to add collision for stuff like pillows?

The way I see it, instead of having some sweeping setting that makes all objects of a certain type have collision or gravity, the server could just send an ObjectCollision packet turning collision on or off for a single specific object or group of objects. So, for instance, pillows placed by players...
by davidcernat
29 Jul 2017, 10:53
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Topic: OpenMW multiplayer is here!
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Re: OpenMW multiplayer is here!

I hope this crap never gets merged back into the main branch, time to fork this project keep a pure openmw. In all fairness, TES3MP is structured in such a way that, with just a few extra commits, a simple isMultiplayer boolean when set to false could turn off all multiplayer functionality and prod...
by davidcernat
09 Mar 2017, 11:29
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Topic: Thoughts on multiplayer
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Re: Thoughts on multiplayer

tes3mp has already dealt with the features and issues outlined there in a different way, though I suppose there's no harm in coming up with an alternative conceptualization.
by davidcernat
06 Mar 2017, 18:12
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Topic: Appreciation thread
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Re: Appreciation thread

Thank you for the kind words. OpenMW is indeed amazing and has allowed us to put together Elder Scrolls multiplayer that lacks the flaws of previous attempts.

All that remains now is synchronizing a few more important systems, and then you can really play through Morrowind properly with your friend.
by davidcernat
02 Mar 2017, 20:45
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Topic: A developer overview of tes3mp's status, goals & challenges
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Re: A developer overview of tes3mp's status, goals & challen

That's why I suggested to examine the quest situation. Right now we don't know how bad the situation is. And regular single player bugs are no indication for multiplayer problems. That is just Bethesda being derpy. Of course these are all long term prospects; probably best put on hold until the gre...