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by TheSweetLizard
09 Jul 2016, 15:54
Forum: TES3MP
Topic: Morrowind Multiplayer's Code Has Been Released
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Morrowind Multiplayer's Code Has Been Released

And available through this link There are no yet any FAQs about compiling, nor I know any man compiled the code successfully except developers. I had some severe problems with setting up cmake to find RakNet dependency and I gave up. If any skilled person could compile this...
by TheSweetLizard
06 Jul 2016, 15:05
Forum: General
Topic: Is Windows XP supported?
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Is Windows XP supported?

Hi. I'm trying to run OpenMW on Windows XP SP3 but it doesn't seem to be working. After some search of similar problems in Google I found out that 'GetTickCount64' might not be supported by Windows XP, or whatever the case. So is there anyway I can run OpenMW on Windows XP? I have installed MS Visua...