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by DestinedToDie
17 Feb 2018, 03:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: OpenMW Example Suite 0.18
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Re: OpenMW Example Suite 0.18

I have vacation starting tomorrow, which means I'll have 9 consecutive free days coming up that I want to dedicate on getting some progress on this project. Not sure if this is version 0.18 guaranteed, but I do hope to get a fair bit of things done.
by DestinedToDie
08 Feb 2018, 05:28
Forum: News
Topic: OpenMW-launcher just got an advanced settings menu
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Re: OpenMW-launcher just got an advanced settings menu

Could you please change the image to this one , especially since it's on the news page? The one that you are currently showing isn't the final version (the message above the settings is different). Sure and done. If you haven't already, you should ask lgromanowski to give you access to the team mem...
by DestinedToDie
07 Feb 2018, 21:00
Forum: News
Topic: OpenMW-launcher just got an advanced settings menu
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OpenMW-launcher just got an advanced settings menu

After the new year, development has been quiet and there hasn't been much of interest going on in OpenMW... or so I thought until I checked out the latest feature on the bugtracker. We now have a settings menu in our launcher that allows easy access to various optional features that were previously ...
by DestinedToDie
26 Jan 2018, 05:17
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Topic: Thoughts on game mechanics in Morrowind
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Re: Thoughts on game mechanics in Morrowind

I would keep the weight system on the engine side as-is. In the context of Morrowind, it has issues, but if you're handling it from a fresh game, you can make good use of it I think. For example, I can make way overpowered items if I just add a lot of weight to them. Not only does the player have to...
by DestinedToDie
14 Jan 2018, 11:11
Forum: Support
Topic: Low FPS while outside (tes3mp)
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Re: Low FPS while outside (tes3mp)

thegerm144 wrote:
14 Jan 2018, 00:19
This only happens while I'm using the openmw engine, specifically TES3MP.
TES3MP is more demanding than main branch OpenMW. Have you tried to see what fps you get on single player OpenMW?
by DestinedToDie
10 Jan 2018, 14:37
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Topic: #1 on Morrowind Modding Showcases
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Re: #1 on Morrowind Modding Showcases

Deservedly so. Playing Morrowind online is like crack for me, I had to go to rehab for this.
by DestinedToDie
27 Dec 2017, 17:51
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Topic: Ho ho ho!
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Ho ho ho!

Christmas is over and Santa has left a little present for everyone. On the 25th of December a patch for TES3MP landed, fixing bugs, enhancing server scripting and introducing a new interesting feature. Version 0.6.2 allows players to play NPC sounds and animations on themselves. Essentially, your ch...
by DestinedToDie
20 Dec 2017, 14:13
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Topic: FCC Repeals Net Neutrality.
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Re: FCC Repeals Net Neutrality.

FCC chairman makes a video talking about the net neutrality repeal and how it will affect people.