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by Digmaster
14 Aug 2015, 20:50
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

Someone can always fork the morrowind project and change it to accept oblivion stuff. It would be a ton of work, but I'm sure there'll be enough interest that someone will make it. Would take a lot of time.
by Digmaster
31 Jul 2015, 23:02
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: setting mouse pointer image by action / script
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Re: setting mouse pointer image by action / script

I believe the red cursor is accomplished by adding a color tint to the cursor. However, changing the image of the cursor is definitively doable, but (unless the position has changed), no new commands are being added until post 1.0. Definitively a change I'd like to see though!
by Digmaster
10 Nov 2014, 19:36
Forum: General
Topic: Nehrim and OpenMW
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Re: Nehrim and OpenMW

To address the original question, of supporting oblivion, I know there are plans to eventually move to our own level format, which wed concert morrowind files too. Creating a converter for oblivion files would give us at the very least the world space. In any event, I doubt anyone would be upset wit...
by Digmaster
02 Sep 2014, 16:08
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Make currency extensible
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Re: Make currency extensible

Having any item be a currency could be fun, so like a trapper deals exclusively in animal pelts or a mining shop in iron ore. Should be easy, as gold is already in the inventory, so perhaps an npc specific setting for what they'll trade in, and a cell specific setting for what to use for value in yo...
by Digmaster
27 Aug 2014, 19:12
Forum: News
Topic: There's always room for MOAR
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Re: There's always room for MOAR

You're free to check out my github repo, but I should have a built with better joystick support soon. I just got back to school so I'm a bit busy, but there's not much left to do so I'll push it out shortly.
by Digmaster
21 Aug 2014, 03:40
Forum: General
Topic: Plugins Section
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Re: Plugins Section

Does it need anymore functionality then just an order of files? If not, you might just want to go with, well, a dumb list of files in a text file. I don't see the need for anything more complicated?
by Digmaster
20 Aug 2014, 16:52
Forum: General Development
Topic: Want To Add Doxygen Comments
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Re: Want To Add Doxygen Comments

I am massively in favor of this. I know that others aren't, because I've tried to go and add comments and have gotten complaints. But the fact of the matter is that or code is not always self commenting, and many functions are very confusing until you figure them out. Last I checked the documentatio...
by Digmaster
17 Aug 2014, 06:53
Forum: General Development
Topic: Scripting - Once Again
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Re: Scripting - Once Again

Huzzah! One giant step to being feature complete.
by Digmaster
17 Aug 2014, 06:50
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: Unneeded Mods list
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Re: Unneeded Mods list

We should support all mwse functions, that's definitively in the books. It's a post 1.0 feature though (or at least until the rest of scripting is nailed down), so don't hold your breath for it
by Digmaster
17 Aug 2014, 02:46
Forum: Join the team
Topic: Anything I can do? Just let me know.
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Re: Anything I can do? Just let me know.

The menus were different? Pictures of the menus where they differ would be awesome, as well as how the rt/lt move through the menu (like numbers or something or something?) where it's not clear. I'm trying to make it so, if you use the controller, it looks just like the xbox version.