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by TheMechanist
18 Nov 2019, 10:27
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Topic: Can OpenMW be modded to look like this?
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Re: Can OpenMW be modded to look like this?

Short answer: No, it can't. At least not in it's current version. Long answer: Yes, but only to some degree. While most texture and models replacer - the main component in graphical overhauls - are working, several components in this video are relying on an additional software: MGEXE. This software...
by TheMechanist
08 Oct 2019, 20:59
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: OpenTESArena 0.10.0 Released!
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Re: OpenTESArena 0.10.0 Released!

Congrats 8-)
by TheMechanist
30 Mar 2019, 06:39
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW YouTube videos
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Re: OpenMW YouTube videos

very nice video :D It really gives a good (and humorous) overview on the topic.
by TheMechanist
13 Mar 2019, 18:56
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

Br0ken wrote:
13 Mar 2019, 10:05
AnyOldName3 wrote:
12 Mar 2019, 15:30
Here's a link to the server.

And new video by cc9cii - first steps to FaceGen support! :o
by TheMechanist
10 Sep 2018, 20:15
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Topic: [TC] - Arktwendt
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Re: [TC] - Arktwendt

OK I'm currently running a playtrough. My observations so far: I made it to Stormwendt without greater troubles However the group that attacks you in the tavern follows you for like forever. Not sure how it plays out in a vanilla game. Maybe it had to do with my distant land settings? I only been ab...
by TheMechanist
03 Jun 2017, 10:54
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: 27-28 May: Forum update
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Re: 27-28 May: Forum update

Is there anyway to get back the old "Show unread posts" button?
by TheMechanist
22 Mar 2017, 19:14
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Topic: Uvirith's Legacy problems
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Re: Uvirith's Legacy problems

Ok here is a screenshot with the ORI command
by TheMechanist
06 Mar 2017, 09:47
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Topic: OpenMW Mod Manager
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Re: OpenMW Mod Manager

Hopefully you will release a Win 10 compiled executable :)
by TheMechanist
05 Mar 2017, 23:56
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: Uvirith's Legacy problems
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Re: Uvirith's Legacy problems

Does anyone else experience that the beds in the tower have golden reflection effects? EDIT: Today I also got a crash: Last thing in log: Loading cell Tel Uvirith, Tower Upper warning line 180, column 23 (jo_TU_Communicator) Names for script jo_tu_Communicator do not match warning line 64, column 6 ...
by TheMechanist
04 Mar 2017, 16:26
Forum: Support
Topic: Vertical Refreshment Rate Stutter
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Vertical Refreshment Rate Stutter

Hello, currently I'm using a Powercolor RX480 Red Devil GPU on Windows 10 with current drivers. EDIT: Using 0.41 Windows Stable release When rendering the menu without V-Sync a terrible coil whining can be heard. Using V-Sync solves this problem. However in certain places (I could add a save) this r...